UFC Staredown

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Art Direction
Creative Thinking

We were tasked with developing an engaging and interactive game for UFC fans to experience the intensity and drama of UFC staredowns. This case study explores the design and development process of this unique gaming experience.


Project Overview

The project aimed to create an interactive game that captures the excitement of UFC fight nights, keeping fans engaged and bringing them back for every major event.


Research focused on understanding the key elements that make UFC staredowns thrilling. Insights from UFC events, fan behavior, and social media engagement were crucial in shaping the game's concept.

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Design Challenges

The team faced several challenges, including:

  • Capturing the intensity of live UFC staredowns.
  • Designing intuitive and engaging UI elements.
  • Implementing facial recognition technology effectively.


The concept revolved around letting fans experience the hype and drama of UFC staredowns through an interactive game.

UI/UX Design

We designed clean, simple UI elements inspired by the UFC octagon and fight night light shows. Subtle animations guided users through the game, ensuring ease of understanding and playability.

Facial Recognition Integration

The game utilized Microsoft Oxford's intelligent API for facial expression recognition, allowing it to measure emotions and score the game accurately.

3D Animation

Advanced animation techniques were used to create digital replicas of UFC fighters from still images, adding realism to the game.

Facial Expression Manipulation

Images from various press releases and events were used to create a suite of expressions for each fighter, ensuring authenticity in the game experience.

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Wrap up


The final game allowed players to engage in a reaction test, matching and beating their opponent's emotions within a certain timeframe to win the staredown. Successful players progressed to tougher opponents.


  • High engagement from UFC fans on social media.
  • Positive feedback on the game's ability to capture the UFC staredown experience.
  • Increased anticipation and engagement for UFC events.


UFC Ultimate Staredown game demonstrates the power of interactive design in enhancing fan experiences. By combining intuitive UI/UX design with advanced technology like facial recognition and 3D animation, we created a unique and engaging product that resonated with UFC fans.