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GoTradie is a dedicated messaging application tailored for the unique communication needs of trade, services and construction teams.

The messaging app built for hard work 🔨


GoTradie is a messaging application tailored for the unique communication needs of tradespeople and construction teams. This case study delves into the design process and UX strategies employed to create an intuitive, efficient, and specialized communication tool for the industry.

Project Overview

The project aimed to design an app that simplifies the way teams, worksites, and clients communicate by consolidating messages, photos, videos, and documents in one place. The focus was on creating a seamless experience for users ranging from individual contractors to large construction teams.


As an ex-carpenter myself I knew understanding the user was paramount. By using our local network based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney (Tradie mecha) we interviewed a variety of Trade businesses to understand their techstack and how it weaves into their day to day lives. Out of these interviews we discovered that it had to be a consumer style & not software, as simple as WhatsApp but feature rich like with the intuitiveness of apple iOS....Not easy!

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Design Challenges

The age old classic "Tradies are hopeless at technology" actually they know quite alot just not your traditonal software. Consumer based apps are the answer, so we asked ourselves what do these guys use most. Bettng apps, Dating apps, Messaging apps, Instagram, Facebook...Bingo! We knew it had to be:

  • Unique & Intuitive for users with varying levels of tech-savviness. Make it look familiar
  • Capable of organizing large volumes of messages and files efficiently and as fast as WhatsApp!
  • Unique UI for a unique audience, big fingers, dust & dirt ridden phones, blazing sun, early mornings, on the move. All these elements needed to be met when considering the UI

Design Process


We brainstormed features that could address the needs identified during our research phase, such as:

  • Task-oriented chat flows.
  • High-visibility notification systems for urgent updates.
  • Scalable inbox organization to handle different project sizes.

Interactive prototypes were developed to test the following UX elements:

  • A home that provides a snapshot of daily communications.
  • A project-based chat organization system.
  • A media and document management interface.
  • A to-do list & task project management feature
  • A photo & video folder system
User Testing

Early versions of the app were tested with a group of tradies, providing valuable feedback that led to iterative design improvements.

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Wrap up


Post-launch analytics and user feedback indicated that GoTradie successfully met the communication needs of its target audience, with users reporting:

  • A significant reduction in missed messages and information.
  • Improved efficiency in coordinating tasks and sharing updates.
  • Positive experiences in separating work communications from personal chats.


The GoTradie app represents a significant step forward in specialized communication tools for the trades industry. By focusing on the specific needs and behaviors of tradespeople, the app provides a streamlined, effective communication channel that supports the dynamic nature of trade work.

Resulting in
  • 20,000+ Photos & video sent
  • 65,000+ messages
  • 3,000+ To-do list & tasks created

Future Directions

Continued vision is to become the best messaging system in the Trade industry focusing on vertical rather than horizontal feature, Continuing to listen to our audience meet the ever growing needs of the industry and hopefully connect the entire ecosystem of an industry.